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Meet Peggy Ourfalian

Peggy Ourfalian Holysticspa's founder,  lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, her chiweenie, german shepherd mix, and her bird. Her passion is to help women feel healthy so that they can live happier, more wholesome lives. Peggy believes in the benefits of a lifestyle rooted in healthy eating, using clean products, and keeping a toxic free home.  Healthy skin begins with healthy body.  For that reason, Holysticspa has been grounded in complete wellness, from the use of organic ingredients in every product, to producing in small batches to minimize waste.  Holysticspa believes in creating products with holistic approach from plants with relaxation, and  nurturing the skin and body in mind.

When I learned about harmful ingredients in our skincare and personal care products, I decided to switch to clean products. I took an interest in plants, plant oils and started to study them and their effects in skincare.  I was also involved with a clean beauty company as a consultant and was using their products.  Although it was good, it didn’t solve my skin issues like dry skin and and redness. I always been a DIY type of a person making my own yogurt, Ice cream, jams, homemade liquor, plant milk, gardening and had seen my grandma Vartanush make cucumber toner for her son. So it came naturally for me to start making my own plant based toners, makeup remover, face oils, and body scrubs at home. My whole family was using them.  I noticed my own skin issues like redness and dryness started disappearing.  I’ve always dreamed starting my own skincare company while working at the clean beauty company but I wasn’t sure if it will become reality.  After doing a couple of popups in 2019 and seeing good results and interest from customers, I decided to start my own company. That’s how Holysticspa started.

Holysticspa started with a passion to help women with their wellness journey. Peggy loves creating products that help the overall wellness with plant ingredients, superfoods, toxic free, and with eco friendly packaging.  Environment and animals are two things Peggy cares a lot about and donates to various charities to support these causes.  

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